The Gospel of the Kingdom
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    The Gospel of the Kingdom   

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    The Gospel of the Kingdom

    Almost 2,000 years ago, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came to earth prophesying a wonderful future for humanity after an intense period of earth-shaking calamities.

    His message, called 'the gospel', means 'good news'— the very good news the world desperately needs.

    But what exactly is this good news (gospel) Jesus Christ preached? Is it only a wonderful story about Jesus Christ's birth, life, activities, death and resurrection? Certainly these are an integral part of the good news of God's plan for humanity (Mark 1:1). But there is so much more to His message!

    The deeper and vastly more encompassing message Jesus taught is rarely heard. It is most certainly good news - the most wonderful news this tired, troubled world can hear.  It involves current news and affairs, history and prophecy, law, grace and hope for all mankind. It touches life and death, earth, heaven and beyond.

    You need to know and understand what Jesus said!

    Read this enlightening booklet today!

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    Kry u Gratis Gids
    • God's Holy Day Plan

      God's Holy Day Plan


      Is it possible to know what the future holds for us? The Creator of mankind does have a plan for us, and He reveals it to us through an annual cycle of festivals described in the Scriptures. It is an astounding plan offering an incredible future to every man, woman, and child who has ever lived. This booklet will help you understand the incredible truth about what lies ahead for all humanity.

    • Wat is die Evangelie van die Koninkryk van God

      Wat is die Evangelie van die Koninkryk van God

      Is die werk van georganiseerde godsdiens vandag die Koninkryk van God op aarde? Dit is die sentrale idee wat die siening van die godsdienstige wêreld vorm. Maar is dit dieselfde Koninkryk van God wat die Bybel beskryf? In hierdie les sal u die Bybelse antwoorde op hierdie belangrike vrae ontdek.


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