5 Sleutels tot 'n gelukkige gesin
  • January-February 2014
  • The January-February 2014 edition of The Good News highlights what you can do in building a happy family.

    If you apply the five keys covered here to having a happier family, you can help make your family secure, service-oriented and successful. This leads us into the ultimate purpose of the family, a lesson that transcends time and cultures.

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    Good News Magazine

    5 Keys to a Happy Family
    January - February 2014

    5 Sleutels tot 'n gelukkige gesin
    • Making Life Work

      Making Life Work


      Looking for some good advice? You may not realise it, but you probably already own the best self-help book ever published, one that's loaded with practical guidance to help you achieve success in your career, friendships, finances, family and every other aspect of life. That book is your Bible. We've prepared this guide, Making Life Work, to help you discover the Bible's principles for success.

    • Marriage & Family

      Marriage & Family


      Marriages in the 21st century are in crisis! Divorce is rampant and many no longer expect to have a life-long relationship. Can a potential couple know what true love is? Are there guidelines for a happy and productive marriage? Our booklet on marriage and family contains biblically-based articles that will help you understand how to build a truly loving and life-long relationship.


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