Did Jesus Christ Really Exist?
  • November-December 2016
  • Did Jesus Christ really exist? Are the stories written about Him in the Bible true? Much as some don’t want to hear it, the historical evidence is compelling and conclusive. And if He did exist, who was He, really? Can we believe His shocking claims about His true identity? Discover the answers in this issue—and they have huge implications for your life! Subscribe, read online, or download this issue in PDF.


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    Did Jesus Christ Really Exist?
    November–December 2016

    Did Jesus Christ Really Exist?
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    Did Jesus Christ Really Exist?

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    • Jesus Christ

      Jesus Christ


      A Christian's walk is challenging, and trials can be overwhelming at times. But through the birth, perfect life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, we have hope in the ability to overcome life's challenges. Find out how we are saved by His life.

    • Jesus Christ

      Jesus Christ


      Did Jesus do what the records show? Was He, is He, really who He claimed to be? Can it be proved historically? Or are we left to simply accept it on blind faith?
      This booklet seeks to address and answer the major questions that intelligent, reasoning people naturally ask in trying to understand Jesus Christ--the real story.


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