GOD's Message: The Time is NOW
  • September-October 2015
  • What is the purpose of your life? Why does God care about you? Nothing could be more critical for you than to understand your future! God has a message for you: The time is now to discover the answers and begin living His purpose for you. 


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    GOD's Message: The Time is NOW
    September - October 2015

    GOD's Message: The Time is NOW
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    What Is God’s Message for Us?

    The Great Battle for God

    Three Mind-Bending Truths About Your Future

    What Is Your Ultimate Purpose in Life?

    God’s Annual Festivals: Foreshadowing Great Events

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    Current Events & Trends: European right-wing extremism still on the rise

    Current Events & Trends: Greek crime rises as financial crisis continues

    • Seven Prophetic Signs Before Jesus Returns

      Seven Prophetic Signs Before Jesus Returns


      The Bible is filled with prophecies. Some have already been fulfilled, while others are still awaiting their ultimate fulfillment. These seven prophecies, some fulfilled and some unfulfilled, must come to pass before Jesus Christ returns to earth. For the first time in history, each one is possible. Will this generation see Jesus' return?

    • The Middle East In Bible Prophecy

      The Middle East In Bible Prophecy


      Explains the causes of conflict in this volatile region, between Arab and Jew, and between Eastern and Western cultures. It deals not only with the past and present but with the future as prophesied by inspired writers more than 2000 years ago. Present conflicts cannot be understood without putting them into their historical context and recognising the modern influences fanning those historical flames.

    • You Can Understand Bible Prophecy

      You Can Understand Bible Prophecy


      How will the world finally find peace? What will happen before that finally comes to pass? The Bible reveals many details about end-time events and the major trends that will lead up to Jesus Christ's return. Read this featured booklet to learn the answers.

    • Christ's Reign on Earth

      Christ's Reign on Earth


      Just as He promised, Jesus Christ is returning soon. When He comes He will replace the human governments of the world with His own Kingdom of peace and joy. Find out what Jesus' reign on earth will look like and how you can be there to see it.


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