Coping in Times of Crisis
  • May–June 2020
  • The world has been engulfed in a major crisis—a worldwide pandemic for which we have no vaccine and no sure cure. Because of its randomness, people are rightfully concerned. Much of the world has been told to stay indoors and avoid contact with other people. This epidemic dominates the news—but what does the Bible say? Does this have anything to do with Bible prophecy? What would God have us do at a time such as this? We address these key questions in this issue of Beyond Today magazine. Download this issue in PDF.


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    Coping in Times of Crisis

    May–June 2020
    Coping in Times of Crisis
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    Coping in Times of Crisis

    God is giving the world a moment to wake up and repent. Will you seek God while He may be found? It’s time to understand how suddenly the world can change and to prepare to meet coming challenges.

    In a Post-Pandemic World, Choose to Change!

    Self-quarantine has given us time to think about the state of the world and our spiritual condition. Will we recognize that it’s time to think differently?

    Covid-19 and Rampant Fear

    The Bible foretells disease epidemics and other calamities, but it also foretells mass panic. Put your trust where you should and don’t give in to fear.


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