The 2020s Are Here
  • Are You Ready?
  • January-February 2020
  • What lies ahead as we enter the 2020s? Major changes are taking place in the nation and around the world. What do they mean? Where are these trends taking us? And most importantly, what do they mean for you and will you be ready? You won’t find answers to these questions in the normal news sources, but you will in the pages of your Bible. In this issue of Beyond Today magazine, we look at these key questions and answers. Download this issue in PDF.


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    Beyond Today Magazine

    The 2020s Are Here: Are you ready?

    January – February 2020
    The 2020s Are Here
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    The Quiet Rise of Authoritarianism

    "“The jungle is growing back,” warns a recent book. A shocking study shows that authoritarianism is creep- ing into more democracies than ever before. The Bible reveals where this disturbing trend is leading."

    Venezuela’s Crisis: When Will It End?

    Venezuela was one of Latin America’s most prosperous countries until socialist leaders destroyed its economy. Yet in one of the most heartbreaking modern tragedies, there is still hope.

    Brexit From Babylon: The Future of the Democratic Nation-State

    A recent European news analyst commented that both of the principal Anglo-Saxon countries— the United Kingdom and the United States of America—are in a state of chaos. Where will it lead? he asked. It’s a good question as we turn the page to 2020.

    Spiritual Lessons From My Double Lung Transplant

    My life was saved by a double lung transplant. This life-changing event led me to a much deeper understanding of Christ’s sacrifice and God’s plan for me and all mankind.


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