When Heaven Comes to Earth
  • September-October 2019
  • Mankind has long dreamed of a peaceful planet—a utopian earth no longer plagued by war, unrest, poverty, disease and corrupt government. But in spite of our best efforts, man has never been able to create lasting peace. The problem is that our problems are spiritual and they need a spiritual solution. And God has a plan to bring that about! In this issue of Beyond Today magazine, we show how a paradise on earth will come about—a kind of heaven on earth! Download this issue in PDF.


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    Beyond Today Magazine

    When Heaven Comes to Earth

    September – October 2019
    When Heaven Comes to Earth
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    When Heaven Comes to Earth

    Most assume that our ultimate reward is going to live in heaven when we die. But the Bible paints a very different, and more inspiring, picture!

    What Heaven on Earth Will Be Like

    God’s Word has astounding prophecies and promises for the future of planet earth. What will that future be like? How will it be different from our world of today?

    How to Enter the Kingdom of God

    Christians are told to “seek first the Kingdom of God.” But what must we do to enter God’s coming Kingdom and inherit eternal life?


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