The Devil Goes to Church
  • November–December 2023
  • Is the devil real? Many people assume he’s just a mythological figure or some sort of symbol of all evil. But your Bible tells a very different story. It describes a very real being of enormous power and influence over human beings.

    In fact, it tells us that this being “deceives the whole world” (Revelation 12:9). It describes him as “the god of this age” (2 Corinthians 4:4)—an evil spirit being who desires to be worshiped by human beings and who tries to usurp the one true God.

    How does he deceive the entire world?

    A major way is through false religion—by infiltrating churches and denominations and subtly influencing them into teaching a “different gospel” and “another Jesus” quite different from what the original apostles taught (2 Corinthians 11:4; Galatians 1:6-9). Could you possibly be influenced by this being? How can you know? You need to read this issue of Beyond Today! It’s vitally important that you understand the truth!

    The Devil Goes to Church
    This video has subtitles available in Afrikaans. When playing, choose ‘Afrikaans’ subtitles by clicking on the gear wheel icon > Subtitles/CC > Auto-translate, then select 'Afrikaans'

    What's in this Issue

    How False Religion Is Leading to a Dangerous New World

    How will the beautiful picture of world peace and joy become reality? What stands in the way, how will change happen, and can change start now?

    The Bible reveals a coming evil ruler and false religious leader who, under Satan’s sway, will deceive nearly all the world. Where will you stand?

    Live by Every Word of God

    How could people ignore and dismiss what was clearly stated in God’s Word and instead choose worship practices and customs that are not approved in the Bible, but are actually repeatedly condemned in it?

    Israel’s 9/11: What’s Behind Hamas’ Brutal Bloodbath?

    The entire world was shocked by the viciousness of a brutal assault on Israeli civilians on one of Israel’s holiest days of the year. What’s behind this latest bloody round of violence? You need to know!

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